Saturday, September 5, 2009

Club Sandwich

Club sandwiches are just about my favorite.
When I was growing up and we happened
to be at a restaurant for lunch a club sandwich
was a little luxury. I like the way they are divided
in four pieces and you work your way through them
slowly. Its really a BLT with turkey too using 3 pieces of bread.
The best club sandwich I ever had was at the Dragonfly.
Its a restaurant on a golf course in Woodstock, NY next to a
little stream. They served theirs with avocado
and blue french fries. A total knock out.

I guess a humble diner grilled cheese
is my most memorable sandwich.
Its cut on a diagonal served with a
handful of potato chips and a small coke
and either a couple pickle rounds or a spear.
The only problem is you need to be four
years old and alone with your dad in upstate
New York to really appreciate it.

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