Sunday, August 2, 2009

Apricot Preserves

There is nothing like the smell making apricot preserves. We used to live in a tiny little hideous house. There was one nice thing about it. We had a little apricot tree. One year we had a bumper crop. Maybe two dozen apricots. I made preserves with it. The whole house smelled wonderful. And they tasted wonderful too. I love the color apricot. I'm planning to paint my hall that color. Also, apricot blossoms if you are ever lucky enough to get a chance to smell them are lovely.

My mother loves my apricot preserves. This recipe comes from Delia Smith.

Take two pounds of apricots. Cut them in half and save the
kernels. Take two pounds of sugar. Layer the apricots and
sugar in a large pan and let sit overnight. Take the kernels
and crack them and blanch the pits.

The next day, bring the apricots and sugar to a boil slowly.
Boil them for about twenty minutes until set. That means that
if you pour a drop or two on a plate that has been in the freezer
and it keeps shape for a while and tastes kind of jelly like,
you know you are done. Add about half of the apricot pits.
They taste like almonds.

Put the preserves in steralized jars. Wipe off the rims
and seal. Process the preserves fo 10 minutes.

I got the apricots at the farmer's market.
Usually apricots are so expensive I feel bad
about buying them. But these were reasonably priced.

This recipe made 5 six ounce jars.

What a lovely color!!!


Erin from Iowa said...

This looks delicious. But...I thought I should mention apricot pits contain cyanide.

Heaven on Earth said...

They do contain cyanide. But I guess the amount used in the recipe is a low dose. And they do taste really good.