Monday, August 3, 2009

Roasted Red Peppers

Sunday was a dark rainy day. We went to the
farmer's market in hopes of getting some
organic milk. Alas, the woman was not there.
We did come home with these lovely red peppers.
What better thing to do on a very rainy day than
to roast red peppers. My husband is Italian and the
smell reminded him of when his grandmother used
to roast peppers. The smell is wonderful

Take your pepper and put it directly on the

It should be charred all over.

Put it in a paper bag for a few minutes.

The steam will help loosen up the skin and make
it easier to peel.

Scrape off all the charred skin.

Remove the seeds and cut into slices and
put in a dish and add a nice amount of olive oil.
And some slivered garlic too.

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myPod said...

Nice post - I can just about smell them now...