Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pork on a skewer

[whb-two-year-icon.jpg]This is my first shot at weekend herb blogging. This weeks
host is The Well Seasoned Cook. The
herb involved in this dish the bay leaf and lots of them. I'd
like to put in my 2 cents involving buying herbs.
I don't know why bay leaves cost something
like $5 for a tiny bottle. If you go to go a
supermarket that has hispanic foods go to that
section and you can get two huge containers
for half of what you normally spend.
Its a very easy dish to fix and has a mixture of very savory flavors.
The recipe comes from
Italian Cooking
by Mary Reynolds.

1 pound pork tenderloin
2-3 slices firm bread 1/2 inch thick (I get a baguette and slice it up)
1/4 pound prosciutto
Bay leaves
olive oil
salt a pepper

Cut the pork into 12 cubes. The recipe calls to cut off the
crust on the bread but I don't. Thread the skewers
as follows 1 piece bread, 1 piece prosciutto, a bay leaf,
a piece of pork another bay leaf. Repeat.
I don't really count anything. I just get as much
pork as needed and divide it up for as many
as I'm serving.

Anyhow, put the skewers on a well oiled
flat baking tin. Salt and pepper them and then
drizzle with olive oil. Bake at 375 for
30 to 40 minutes, turning once during the
baking. And that's it.


Susan said...

I agree, Sara. I also find it ridiculous to spend such a high price at a regular supermarket when you can go to the little shops and pick everything up so much more economically.

Love the use of bay leaves. Usually a recipe only calls for one or two.

Thanks for joining WHB!

Kalyn said...

I'm fascinated by this recipe. Can you taste the bay flavor in the meat?

Agreed, buy herbs and spices in little ethnic markets for much better prices.

Heaven on Earth said...

Hey Kalyn,
You can totally taste the bay leaves. Its not a heavy but very pronounced.