Monday, April 21, 2008

Pickled Peaches

This blog is my entry for the Putting Up event
sponsored by Pixie ofYou Say Tomato I say Tomato.

This blog is dedicated to my stepfather Ed who is dead now.
He was probably the kindest person I've ever known.
He was infinitely generous, open hearted, compassionate
and while he could see bad in people he never looked for it.
He also believed in fruit and having it in abundance.
He bought a condo at the beach in Delaware so that
his stepchildren could go there every summer. He
would take us out to pick blueberries and blackberries
and always peaches. And he wouldn't just get a few
we would pick tons of them. I had so many I could easily
afford 8 pounds needed to make pickled peaches.
This jar is from the last time we went picking
with Ed before he died. I've had them for a couple
of years and probably they are too old to eat
but I like having them around to think of what a wonderful
person I was so lucky to know.

Here's the recipe:

Pickled peaches

8 pounds medium sized peaches (I prefer freestone, they give the
preserves a rosy tone)
2 tablespoons whole cloves
4 twi-inch pieces stick cinnamon
2 pounds sugar
1 quart white vinegar

Wash and peel peaches, leaving them whole.
For those of you who don't know, the easiest
way to peel a peach is to drop it in boiling water
for a few seconds, then in cold. The skins just
peel off. Takes spices, sugar and vinegar
and boil together for 10 minutes. Add the peaches,
cook slowly until tender. Don't overdo that part.
They should be just tender. Let stand overnight.
Next day, drain syrup. Boil syrup
till thickened. Put the peaches in sterilized
quart jars and pour over the hot syrup.
Seal. Process for 10 minutes. That means put them
in a big pan covered with an inch of water
and boil for 10 solid minutes.


Pixie said...

A truly lovely post Sara and thank you so much for finding the time to take part in the event *hugs* to you

Lina said...

pickled peaches?! looks interesting and yummy!

Moriah said...

Hi! This recipe sounds great, and I love how it's tied to the memory of a special person in your life.

foodhoe said...

that is such a touching post! I've never tried pickled peaches, what do you do with them?

Heaven on Earth said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Foodhoe - We usually eat them
at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They go well with roast beef and turkey.

Michelle said...

The pickled peaches sound so good!!! Of course anything with peaches is fab!

Pixie said...

Hi, Hope you're well, just wanted to let you know the event is now up and posted. Thanks again for taking part!

Shayne said...

I have made these before, years ago. I really enjoy eating them too; however, I was the only one.