Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to Blogging

I've been recovering from a life threatening,
totally life altering disease. I'm not the
same person I was in 2009 before everything
happened. I'm physically unrecognizable and
I feel physically, and spiritually a totally
different person. So what!!!

But I miss blogging and so I'm going to try
to come up with a little something frequently.


foodhoe said...

Hello HOE , No offense meant, just your initials match my moniker =)

Haven't been by in a while, hope you are okay. You commented a long time ago on one of my posts that I happened to look up today, and so I visited your blog. It sounds like you are struggling and I just hope things are better for you.


Roberthussy said...

While I have been absent from this blog, caring for Susie, politics in America has taken an interesting turn. Obama has now staked out three big issues as his agenda for the second term: climate change, immigration reform, and gun control. One of these -- climate change -- is a matter of the very greatest importance on which the United States by itself can have some effect, but not an enormous effect. The other two issues are relatively minor in comparison with economic recovery and the rampant growth of inequality in America, but they are both important, and in each case there is some reason to hope for positive legislative steps.


john said...

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