Monday, January 25, 2010


This recipe is from my German grandmother.
She lived for a long time in Ohio, the
Buckeye State. Buckeye is another word
for horse chestnut.

My Grandmother is much on my mind lately.
She was a rather difficult person and
she had a very sad life. When she died
we weren't on the best of terms. I'm about
to go through a sadness she had and
I guess it gives us something in common.
And maybe somehow will atone for the past.

Here is probably the only example of her handwriting I have left.
She typed out the recipe and wrote a note to me.

I always make these at Christmas time.
Beware they make a TON.

You need
3 lbs. of powdered sugar
1 pound of butter
2 lbs. of peanut butter

I mix everything in my KitchenAid.
So roll them into balls the size of -- chestnuts.
Chill them a bit. Then melt some semi-sweet
chocolate in a double boiler. I think you will need 24 oz. at least.
I just use chocolate chips.
Dip the peanut butter balls into the chocolate
so they look like chestnuts. Store in the fridge.
They freeze VERY well.

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