Monday, April 6, 2009

Butter Chicken for FBI Gloves

This is my post for FBI Gloves sponsored by the beautiful
website Palachinka. The event is a lot of fun. Every month
a website is chosen and you make something from the site
and then blog about it. I missed the previous one
unfortunately. The website then wasCafe Chocolada.
But I made the banana pudding many times much
to my family's joy.

This month's site under investigation is
What's for Lunch Honey? , a very lovely site indeed.
The recipe I tried is for butter chicken.
I'd never made it before I think I may have goofed on the liquids
because the sauce was a little thin. However the spices flavor of
was good.


Marija said...

Meeta blog is full of wonderful recipes. I was considering making butter chicken too.

Thanks for the entry :)

Morven said...

Glad you got to try a new recipe. Butter chicken is one of my favourites if we have Indian takeaways.